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Weekly cycling (week 29) with the Tour de France finish

UntitledThe Tour of Qinghai Lake kept going on last week. Meron Teshome and  Amanuel Mengis Ghebreindrias is still in the competition. They both finished well in stage 8 on Sunday. Meron finished 14th and Amanuel 16nt in the stage. At the moment Meron is ranked 44th in the general classification and Amanuel is ranked 109th. The tour will finish on Saturday.

On  Sunday Tour de France finished. Both Daniel Teklehaimanot and Natnael Berhane finished the Tour. This was the second time Eritrean riders were a part of the Tour. The most memorable moment of an Eritrean view point in this year Tour de France,  was when Daniel finished seventh in stage 12. Read more about that stage here. Daniel finished 85th in the general classification, ending second best of his team. Natnael Berhane finished 125th in the general classification. Down below are some great videos from this year Tour de France.


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This entry was posted on July 25, 2016 by in Cycling.
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