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Eritrean-Swede progressing in the NHL. Eritrean-American progressing in the NFL.

Oliver Kylington to the left & Nat Berhe to the right

Eritrean Ice Hockey player update,

Most of you should be aware that it is time for playoff hockey in the National Hockey League. Eritrean-Swede Oliver Kylington who was drafted by the Calgary Flame in the last NHL draft has been playing for the farm club of the Flames located in Stockton, California for the Stockton Heat of the AHL (American Hockey League). Most rookies when they get drafted in hockey, like baseball or the D-League in the NBA end up in the farm system where they can garner some much needed ice time to polish themselves for the NHL. Recently before the playoffs in mid April, Oliver was called up by the Flames main team in Calgary to play against playoff contender Minnesota and he did well. Chances are he will be on the main team next season. According to some insider scouting reports Kylington is being looked at to play some important roles on next season’s team. “The Eritrean-Swedish defense man can flat out fly. He is not only the fastest defense man on Stockton, he might be one of the quickest skating players in the Western Conference of the AHL. He is agile, with excellent straight line speed, edging, and lateral movement. He is also aggressive and uses his speed to jump into the play frequently. When it comes to speed with or without the puck, Kylington is definitely the best skater in the Flames system.”
This is great news for another Eritrean venturing in the world of a sport not too popular among Eritreans.

Eritrean American Football update

Meanwhile in New Jersey, Eritrean-American third year NFL safety Nat Berhe worked out after being injured the entire season last year. Nat is back now and very thankful for the opportunity which can be taken away from you in an instant if you are not healthy. The safety missed all of last season with a calf injury which ended up being more than a pulled muscle. He developed a blood clot in the leg. After getting it removed he spent time in the off-season rehabilitating it.

Nat got the green light last week when the Giants opened a three-day voluntary mini camp under new coach Ben McAdoo. Nat felt like the time off was too long and now has come back, with the same opportunity that he had a year ago when the Giants came into the spring with a starting job open at safety.

Hope to see more of Nat Berhe in the summer and fall. Eri-international sports blog will keep you updated on his developments closer towards the season.

Good luck to two athletes who will be competing in non-traditional sports for Eritreans and as we celebrate the 25th year anniversary of Eritrea’s independence, the sky is the limit as Eritreans continue to be a part of many new ventures in sports.

Mike Seium

Source: Eri-International sports


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