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Silver Jubilee Circuit Won By Tsinat

Following to yesterday’s final stage of the Tour of Eritrea, the Circuit of Asmara, the final part of this years Eritrean National Cycling Federation program was finally here. The Cycling Federation arranged this special Circuit in honor of Eritrea’s 25th anniversary of Independence (the Silver Jubilee).

The Circuit of Asmara is classified as a UCI Category 1.2 race, comprising 12 laps of Asmara, each 10.8 km.

The race started at 8:30 am, in a route that extends from Adebabay, to Menaharia, Post Office area, Forto, Tsetserat Martyrs Cemetery, Digsa Street, to Semaatat Avenue, Harenet Avenue and Adebabay again. In the first three laps each team sped around the Circuit at more than 45 km per hour.

In the fourth lap Yonas Fissahaye (Tsinat) broke away from the other riders, creating a time gap of 20 seconds. The rest of the peloton charged on, attempting to minimize the time gap with Yonas Fissahaye.

By the sixth lap, a lead pack, composed by nine Eritrean riders primarily from Salina and Tsinat broke from the rest of the peloton too. Paolo Lunardon (Amore Vita) and Meron Teshome (Bike Aid) came out at the front.

Beginning in lap eight, the riders further broke down into three groups. The first group included Yonas Fissahaye (Tsinat) and Aklilu Gebrihiwet (Tsinat) while the second group was composed of Amanuel Tsegay (Eritrean National Team), Dawit Haile (Salina), Hanibal Tesfay (Salina), Paulo Lunardon (Amore Vita), Million Amanuel (Eritrean National Team), Camera Hakuzimana (Rwanda) and Eugenio Bani (Amore Vita). The trailing, third, group included all the remaining riders.

Although Meron Teshome (Bike Aid) had technical problems he was able to catch up with the second group of riders, while the others sprinted counterattacked the Amore Vita and Bike Aid riders.

Champions of today’s Asmara Circuit were Yonas Fissahaye (Tsinat) in first place followed by Aklilu Gebrihiwet (Tsinat) in second place, and third place secured by Dawit Haile (Salina). The final team winner was Tsinat.

Source: ZuraEritrea

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